Wearing Your Fascinator

Wearing a fascinator to finish off your occasional wear outfit is always an excellent choice as it brings your ensemble together and also adds a final finishing touch! 

Traditionally fascinators are worn to the right of the head, many of my styles can be worn to the left or the right however as a rule all the premade styles are to the right unless previously asked. For sure you can wear your fascinator on the left or the right the choice is yours. 

I make all styles using millinery elastic to secure and this can be daunting if you have not worn millinery elastic before, however it is an excellent choice as it enables you to position your fascinator exactly as you like, its far more comfortable and also easy disguise in your hair. 

Many of my styles are best worn slightly dipped on the forehead as Kate Middleton the Queen of Fascinators generally wears ! 

If you have any questions or would like any advise please do not hesitate to email me