Sartorius Application Center USA

Your Space to Get to Know Our Solutions

The Sartorius Application Center in Bohemia, NY, USA, provides you with the opportunity to get to know and test-run our cutting-edge equipment and innovative single-use solutions for your specific biotechnological application:

  • About 140 m2 Laboratory space
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and process systems for upstream and downstream processing applications
  • Single-use systems and consumables
  • Intensive discussion with our experts

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Booking Information

In order to reserve the Sartorius Application Center New York for your group of up to 6 people, please contact us. We will get in touch with you...


Find the location of the Application Center in Bohemia with instructions and accomodation suggestions here.

Does Our Equipment Fit Your Needs?


The following products are generally available to be tested at the Sartorius Application Center in Bohemia, NY (Long Island). According to your desired process application, several of these systems will be combined. If you are interested in more products by Sartorius, please do not hesitate to mention this in advance.

IncuCyte? S3

Derive deeper and more physiologically relevant information about your cells plus real-time kinetic data. The IncuCyte automatically acquires and...

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iQue? Screener

The iQue Screener PLUS high throughput suspension cell analysis platform enables rapid profiling of cell phenotype and function in biologics...

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Ambr? crossflow

Ambr? crossflow is a fully automated small scale screening tool to collect important information about the behaviour of molecules in downstream...

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Ambr? 15 CC

Ambr? 15 cell culture is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for 24 or 48 parallel cultivations in a cost-effective 10 –15 mL micro...

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Ambr? 250 High Throughput

The Ambr? 250 system is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for process development with 12 or 24 fully featured single-use 100 – 250...

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ambr? 250 modular

The ambr? 250 modular is an innovative high performance benchtop bioreactor system for parallel microbial or cell culture cultivation in 250 mL...

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Biostat? A

Your professional start in cell cultivation and microbial fermentation. The Biostat? A is exceptionally easy to operate and can be monitored as...

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Biostat? B

This multi-talented bioreactor for research and development as well as small scale production enables you to control stirred-tank glass or...

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Media preparation

Experience your options in media preparation. Media preparation from powder can be done manually using 3D bags in Palletanks? for mixing (50 L...

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Biostat? B

This multi-talented bioreactor for research and development as well as small scale production enables you to control stirred-tank glass or...

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Biostat? RM 20

Biostat? RM is a single use, wave-mixed bioreactor for culture volumes ranging from 100 mL to 300 L. The system consists of a rocker unit with...

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Biostat?STR 200 L | 2000 L

The Biostat? STR is a fully scalable, single-use bioreactor with a conventional stirred tank design ranging from of 50 L to 2000 L. It is now...

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Ksep? 400 | 6000

The Ksep? technology is the only current technology for users that want to either harvest cells as product or discard cells as by-product...

Flexact? Modular - Single-Use Automation Platform

The Flexact? Modular, engineered for single-use downstream and liquid processing when manufacturing biologics across a wide range of scales and...

Palletank? for mixing (50 L | 200 L | 1000 L | 2000 L)

Palletanks? for impeller mixing are stainless steel containers designed to hold Flexel? bags for mixing. These 3D bags contain impeller that are...

Palletank? for storage (200 L)

Palletank? for storage can be used for bulk harvest, sample collection, final product transport, fraction collection etc. Stainless-steel...

Sartoflow? Smart

This GMP-conform crossflow system with membrane surface areas from 50 cm? to 0.14 m? is your perfect solution for membrane screening, process...

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Sartoflow? Advanced

Sartoflow? Advanced is a modular benchtop crossflow system. It has been optimized for ultrafiltration,microfiltration and diafiltration...

Sartocheck? filter tester

Sartocheck? filter integrity testing systems detect defective filter cartridges so that they are not used in any process. From paper-based...

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A preconfigured, flexible single-use sampling system for multi-use systems that will save you plenty of time and valuable product. The system...

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A collar fixed onto a silicon tubing and a cutter tool enable for a rapid and aseptic disconnection of tubing with outer diameter from ?” to 1?”.

Clipster? and Opta?

Clipster? Aseptic Disconnector and Opta? Aseptic Connector are single-use devices to disconnect | connect single-use transfer lines and bag assemblies used in biopharmaceutical applications.

Biowelder? TC

The Biowelder? TC is a completely automated device for connecting thermoplastic tubing in a sterile welding operation. It allows sterile...


The BioSealer? is a fully automated device designed to produce permanent and consistent leak-free seals on thermoplastic tubing in a sterile manner. The sealing head can be used 3 m away form the actual device. This ensures an easy adaptation to various space requirements.

Biosafe? port

The Biosafe? range of Aseptic Transfer Ports offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components, fluids and powders while maintaining the integrity of the critical area, such as isolators, RABS and cleanrooms.

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